Coronavirus: Which countries have confirmed cases?


Diseases with the infection, which started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, have been accounted for around the globe
New instances of the novel coronavirus that rose in the focal Chinese city of Wuhan in late December are being accounted for every day around the globe.

In excess of 6,400 individuals all inclusive have kicked the bucket from COVID-19, as the disease is formally known, while in excess of 160,000 contaminations have been affirmed in at any rate 140 nations, as indicated by the World Wellbeing Association.
Domains with affirmed instances of COVID-19

The 2019–20 corona-virus pandemic
Source: Neighborhood governments/World Wellbeing Association
Last update: Walk 16, 2020

 Here are the nations that have so far affirmed coronavirus cases:
Afghanistan - 16 cases
Albania - 42 cases, 1 passing
Algeria - 48 cases, 4 passings
Andorra - 2 cases
Antigua and Barbuda - 1 case
Argentina - 56 cases, 2 passings
Armenia - 30 cases
Australia - 298 cases, 5 passings
Austria - 860 cases, 1 passing
Azerbaijan - 18 cases, 1 passing
Bahrain - 214 cases, 1 passing
Bangladesh - 5 cases
Belarus - 27 cases
Belgium - 886 cases, 4 passings
Bhutan - 1 case
Bolivia - 10 cases
Bosnia and Herzegovina - 24 cases
Brazil - 200 cases
Brunei - 50 cases
Bulgaria - 51 cases, 2 passings
Burkina Faso - 7 cases
Cambodia - 7 cases

Cameroon - 4 cases
Canada - 304 cases, 1 passing
Focal African Republic - 1 case
Chile - 155 cases
China - 80,860 cases, 3,213 passings
The area of Macau had affirmed 10 cases before they all recouped, while Hong Kong revealed 148 affirmed cases, including four passings, as per China's National Wellbeing Bonus.
Colombia - 45 cases
Congo Republic - 2 cases
Costa Rica - 35 cases
Croatia - 48 cases
Cuba - 4 cases
Cyprus - 26 cases
Czech Republic - 293 cases
Denmark - 864 cases, 1 demise

The French domain of Martinique recorded 10 instances of the coronavirus. Gathering has six affirmed case. French Polynesia, Holy person Barthelemy and Mayotte enrolled 1 case each. The French piece of the island of Holy person Martin affirmed 2 cases while Guadalupe has three cases.

A sum of 697 individuals on the isolated Precious stone Princess journey transport docked at Yokohama had tried positive for the infection. Seven individuals who were on the boat have kicked the bucket.
Japan does exclude the individuals on board as a component of its national count, as per the WHO direction. The national count is 787 as of Walk 13, including 14 evacuees from China and 22 passings.

The English abroad region of Gibraltar has enlisted one affirmed instance of the coronavirus.
Among the individuals who passed on from the sickness, the time from improvement of manifestations to death was somewhere in the range of 6 and 41 days, with a middle of 14 days.[12]

Starting at 16 Walk 2020, in excess of 7,100 passings have been ascribed to COVID-19.[3] As indicated by China's NHC, the majority of the individuals who kicked the bucket were old – about 80% of passings were in those more than 60, and 75% had previous wellbeing conditions including cardiovascular maladies and diabetes.

The principal affirmed demise was on 9 January 2020 in Wuhan.[168] The primary passing outside China happened on 1 February in the Philippines,[169][170] and the principal demise outside Asia was in France.[171] By 28 February, outside territory China, in excess of twelve passings were recorded in every one of Iran, South Korea and Italy.[172][173][174] By 13 Walk, more than 40 nations and domains had announced passings, on each landmass (with the exception of Antarctica).

Fundamental article: Course of events of the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic

the primary injured individual was a 55-year-elderly person who became sick on 17 November 2019.[259][under discussion] Inside the following month, the quantity of coronavirus cases in Hubei bit by bit expanded to a few hundred, preceding quickly expanding in January 2020. On 31 December 2019, the infection had made enough instances of obscure pneumonia be accounted for to wellbeing experts in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei territory, China,[149] and an examination concerning the sickness started from the get-go in the accompanying month.[150] These were for the most part connected to the Huanan Fish Discount Market, which likewise sold live creatures, therefore the infection is thought to have a zoonotic origin.[151]

During the beginning times, the quantity of cases multiplied roughly every seven and a half days.[260] In ahead of schedule and mid-January 2020, the infection spread to other Chinese regions, helped by the Chinese New Year relocation, with Wuhan being a vehicle center and significant rail exchange in China; tainted individuals immediately spread all through the country.[180] On 20 January, China announced about 140 new cases in a day, remembering two individuals for Beijing and one in Shenzhen.[261] Later authority information shows that 6,174 individuals had just evolved manifestations by 20 January 2020.

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