Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Education

The world is getting shrunk with the technology and many aspects of life are getting affected by it. No aspect is untouched, especially a big change is bought with distance education. Many people want to know about the growing phenomenon. One can start this phenomenon of studying anytime and from anywhere.

The lack of time to attend face-to-face classes or the inability to combine studies with working hours can be a barrier to further training. However, distance education can help overcome this “handicap”, enabling a new reality to many students.
In this article, we will review the advantages and disadvantages of the online training model.
But what pros and cons do distance training present? Should we choose this formative model on traditional education or not? We will explain it to you below.
Positive points of online teaching
Let's start with the strengths of online education.
1. Time flexibility
Although some online students must connect to their computers or tablets at specific times to communicate with the tutor, conduct evaluations or to view video conferences. The time flexibility is beneficial. 
Online students can usually view the course material 24 hours a day. Online training offers an excellent opportunity to study at any time of the day, even at unconventional times (for example, at dawn).
2. Easy access without displacement
Without a doubt, one of the reasons to opt for online training is that you don’t have to attend the study centers and you can be able to do the work from home. Therefore, it represents a saving in transport and, in addition, it is ideal for rainy and cold days when you do not feel like leaving home.

3. Wide range of studies
Students enroll themselves for courses under various categories like post-university, post-graduation, master’s degree, and other specialized courses. Many companies provide their employees the training via online courses. Online training is very beneficial for people who work but still want education to be continued in order to acquire knowledge.
4. Permanent content update
The content and tutorials on stays updated all the time on online course portals. One can view the tutorials at any time, also, teachers can update and change the content when required. Thus it is beneficial for students as well as teachers.
5. Self-direction and real-time contact
The online courses are helpful in connecting students with the teachers whenever required. Students can manage their time according to their comfort.
6. It is usually cheaper
Since online training allows the enrollment of more students and does not involve an expense in facilities, it is usually cheaper than face-to-face training. If you opt for online training, your pocket will notice it for good.
7. It is location independent
Possibly the most important advantage of online training is that it facilitates access to the study from anywhere in the world. For example, an Argentine student can study a postgraduate degree from the University of Barcelona. Something unthinkable changed only a couple of decades ago.
Disadvantages of online training
Like everything else in this life, online education also has less positive things. Which are:
1. Requires self-motivation and self-discipline
Online training has many advantages as we have seen, but it requires a high degree of motivation and self-discipline. It may be more difficult for some individuals to continue at the foot of the canyon throughout the entire course in this mode. Instead, other people enjoy this modality of study without problems.
2. It can be impersonal (limited social interaction)
Not attending class can be a great advantage in many cases, but online training can become impersonal and can be a limitation for social interaction. On the other hand, traditional training makes it possible to interact with teachers and classmates in person, which is very beneficial in many cases. For example, if a student needs an Assignment Help Sydney from the teacher at some point, he/she will find difficulties.
3. Faults at the technical level
Technological advances have helped many students connect from anywhere: the cafeteria, the library or the train. But, sometimes, it is possible that technological means may fail to make it difficult to perform the tasks. For example, by running out of the computer because it has broken down.
4. Technological requirements
Online training requires a computer, internet connection and, in many cases, updated software. Unfortunately, not all students have access to all these requirements, which can be a problem for their educational experience. In addition, this may involve an additional economic cost in some situations.
5. Difficulty in practice
Online training can be a problem for practical tasks, especially for those who require group work. For example, if a student studies a sports training course, they may not be able to access their knowledge.
6. Difficulties in evaluations
Online training can make it difficult for teachers to control evaluations, so many choose to perform periodic evaluations in person. This is especially important for formal education.
7. Social stigma
Although online education has gained credibility in recent years, some people tend to belittle this formative model. 
There is a mistaken belief that online education is easier than face-to-face education, and some entrepreneurs may not take these types of courses or diplomas seriously. Now, there are more and more educational centers (including prestigious universities) that provide quality online education.

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  3. Distance Education can have some disadvantages, but I think that it is a great opportunity for people to gain new knowledge and staying at home.

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