How to return a Quick-Books Products For A refund

Its products purchased by directly from intuit through the web, mail, or over the phone, intuits offered to 60 days from the products physical ship date to be eligible for money back policy with a guarantee for the Quick-books desktop software

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QuickBooks products return to refunds

If you can purchase from the intuit within the 60 days of the ship, and downloaded or unlock date, then you are eligible for a refund under our satisfaction with guarantee.

For The Software

Here you can request for a refund through by your Intuit QuickBooks Account:
  1. First, you log in to your Intuit account.
  2. Go to the left side of the product & Services and select products.
  3. Find the products you want to return,  select the return product link in the right.
  4. Select to cancel the reason.
  5. Now waiting for the confirmation that the products will return submitted successfully.
  6. Now the email was sent6 to you as your refund is processed.

When you will request a refund, your license will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to use the product, if you have any questions then you can also contact QuickBooks Phone number.

For Hardware products:

Now her you can return your physical products within 60 days of will recommend you return the products and using a traceable method, if shipping via USPS, now consider using registered or certified mail, or a return receipt policy. We are not responsible for lost mail or products damaged during the shipment.  Staples reward is used for the purchase or will not be refunded. The shipping fee for the initial order and return product would not be refunded.

Now Fill Out The QuickBooks Return Form And Send Products To Here: 

ATTN: Returns Departments   
PO box # 580926
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158, US

NON-USPS-RETURN (To be the used for all hardware returns)

Intuit INC.
ATTN: Returns Department, Door 20
11500 80th Avenue
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158, US

Quickbooks Return To A Retailer, Who would not accept the products

If you can purchase from a retailer, you can return to the products to us within 60 days of the purchase. You will have a need to provide the following steps:

  1. All physical components are included in all manuals and CDs if applicable.
  2. A duplicate copy of the retail receipt of Purchase.
  3. Your Name and your payee's name for the check refund.
  4. Need to the mailing address for sending the refunds.
  5. Mobile numbers.
  6. Email address is optional in case tjhere are questions.

Returning to Electronically delivered products 

You are also able to refund for download products, in the 60 days from the product purchasing date. All the other electronically delivered Inuit media. You will be required to uninstall and required to uninstall and remove the application from your computer. Since there are no physical products shipped, you are not required to sent anything back to the returns to the Department.

QuickBooks electronic delivered product refunds can be requested via the web. Your license will also deactivate and you will not be longer able to use that product. If your QuickBooks products are not eligible for the refund via the web, contact to our QuickBooks support customer care.  

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  1. A refund is hard and nervous task because proving that a refund is needed could take a lot of time and effort from a person.

  2. I think that there should not be any problems when releasing the refund. You just need to know some steps to be taken!