6 Reasons to Be Addicted to Affiliate Marketing

Do you like recommending products to other peoples? Great! I have a business plan for you which can help you to make online money even you are not working. Any business you are doing can generate the money only if you are working for it. But this is the only business which can help you to make money even if you are on a trip, partying, and making money from other sources.

Internet is capturing the market in every direction. Why not start making money online. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make online money with passive income. Passive income is something which makes you get the money regularly if you are working for it or not. But do not get confused that you don’t need to work for it. Affiliate marketing needs a lot of affords. Once, you reach to the saturation this will be the perfect money-making process.

There are several ways one can start affiliate marketing. The best one I found is a coupon website. Everyone loves to get coupons and discount. So, this way you are helping people to get the best deals and discounts in one place. People are likely to buy with your recommendation as they are getting the discounts
Let’s deep dive into it. Today! I will let you know about the “6 Reasons to Be Addicted to Affiliate Marketing”.

  1. Passive Income: Passive income now you already know. Yes, it is true that affiliate marketing gives passive income. This makes most of the newbie confused. Number one mistake people are making in the starting that they start with high energy but mostly end up in the first week. So, what makes them give up? The only reason is lack of knowledge. Making a passive income with affiliate marketing is possible. But one has to work for it. Nothing comes for free in this Internet world. To create a passive income, invest first. Start writing blogs or reviews about the websites. Google or other search engines just love the content so creating a great piece of content. This will help Google to find what your website it does. So, you can start getting organic traffic. Which in turn help you to get more sales
  2. No-Risk: Affiliate marketing allows you to start the business with very low investment. If you are starting any offline business, you have to rent the place, you have to buy the inventory, and you have to market the product. This all costs minimum of 1 lakh to start the business. Here, you have a risk that your business will work or not? This can make you feel depressed. But affiliate marketing is the type of business which is cutting all these nightmares and letting you focus on one thing i.e. marketing. Also, if you are making the website like coupon website. One can register for Adsense. Adsence is the service by Google which allows you to run ads on your website. For those ads, you will be get paid. So, with simple one blog or coupon website you have two sources of incomes.
  3. No Inventory: Starting an offline business is always costly in every situation. If you have an inventory of 1k products. With the increase in fashion, chances are very high that your inventory will be blocked at a point. So, this can make your business in the loss. But with the affiliate marketing, you don’t need to worry about the inventory. your niche first.
  4. Low-Cost Business: Affiliate marketing is one of the low-cost businesses. If you don’t have money to invest in the market that’s totally okay. You have friends and family. Just start selling the products to them. One can easily start the business with almost zero pennies in a pocket. All you need to do is be consistent with the work. If you have a social account, you can start making money with this. In affiliate marketing, all you need is to create the affiliate links and share them with the audience. Sharing the links will not help you to get the sale. You have to be creative with the work.
  5. Home-based Business: Affiliate marketing is very easy. . You don’t need a large team. Most of the top affiliate marketers started alone. Now, they are making in 6-figures. One can start affiliate marketing as a side business. It can help you make money apart from the salary.
  6. Services: Companies are spending a big amount on providing post-order services. After, ordering something customers are mostly asking questions about the order dispatch time, delivery time, product quality and blab la. For these companies have to hire a team.
Tips & Tricks:
1.   Be consistent with your work. Promote the product daily or twice a day.
2.   Do not over-promote the product. The audience will feel bored with your sales pitch.
3.   Put your creativity. Make banners of the product or ask merchants to give you promotional banners.
4.   Keep your audience engaged. Ask your merchant to run some giveaway campaigns. Use competition for promotion.
5.   Take personal reviews of the customers.
6.   Never Give Up!

Top 10 Affiliate Programs in India
1.      Amazon.in Associates
2.      Vcommission
4.      Flipkart Affiliate
5.      Optimise
6.      BIGROCK Affiliate
7.      GoDaddy Affiliate
8.      Nearbuy Affiliate
9.      Admitad

Author: Abhishek Raj, C.E.O. & Co-Founder Trend Eve. Abhishek is a full-time entrepreneur and guest speaker. Abhishek gave a guest lecture at MIT, Moradabad about “Busting the Bubbles of Startups and Entrepreneurs”.

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