Top 5 Best NGOs in the World

 A Ngo is considered as a non-profit organization in which they help the poor and needy people to live in a better way and can get proper quality products such as foods, clothes etc. NGOs have changed the lives of many people like, they have overcome the problem of poverty and lack of food. There are many NGOs around the world which are working tirelessly to help people to live in a stable condition. Some of them are:-

1.) Cure Violence

. The primary purpose of establishing this Ngo was that Gun violence is increasing day by day and decreasing; they found an epidemiological approach to find and arrest the suspect. . They focus on three different business modules, a) Violence detection with interruption, b) Behaviour change among the highest risk, and c) Social norm change. They also provide training to different representatives in government. Cure violence and their international programs get the revenues from various government offices such as a federal bank, state banks and local banks, national and international foundations, Memorandums of Agreements from hospitals and private organization contributions. Cure violence also has two donors, which helps them a lot, and they maintain a good relationship. .

2.) BRAC

BRAC is a Bangladesh based non-profit organization which focuses on poor people to realize their ability and potential to become a better person. It started in the year 1972, and over time, they have established over 100 of primary school for the children, which also play a crucial role in achieving the development goals.  . With helping and creating new opportunities, they are focusing on more development programs for 20 million people for both men and women in rural areas.

3.) CARE

CARE mainly focuses on women empowerment and proper education to girls. Many people live in poverty, in which over 1.2 million are women. Their main aim is to overcome poverty as much as they can. Some women are unable to get proper food and poor quality products, and due to this, some of them die while having pregnant and childbirth. So, CARE provides adequate food quality and best resources to the women who are in need.

4.) Lok Kalyan Samiti

Lok Kalyan Samiti is a non-profit organization, based in Delhi, India. It functions in two centres at chakkarpur (Gurgaon) and Nand Nagri (Slum Resettlement area) in Northeast Delhi. Its main office is located in the heart of New Delhi near ITO. The main aim was to focus on various activities such as Healthcare, remedial education, and vocational training. Its eye care program consists of 40-bed hospitals and OPD Facility, which is best for the cataract elimination efforts in the country, which is going strong for the last 40 years. which is an excellent initiative by the organization. They also provide various medical services to the poor and needy people such as gynaecology, ENT, Orthopaedics, Dental care, Skin, and paediatrics. They also offer free eye care services to the poor people, which is free of cost, and they also provide the 40-bed hospital with an operation theatre and hosts a campaign twice a week.

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